is a non -governmental organization founded and incorporated on the 6th of August 2019 with registration number CAC/IT/no 133460. Is community-based organization that promote women’s rights education and advocacy on socio-economic, Health and environmental/climate change justice of women/children in Nigeria and around the world.
We are committed to strengthening the efforts of organizers, advocates and scholars who are working to improve the conditions of women.

• We provide education and information resources and collaborate on community-based projects aimed at developing women leadership.

• We commit to quality service delivery as it relates to maternal health, community development activities, peace and security, environment, HIV/AIDS, governance and the promotion of human rights.

• We are dedicated to the defense and promotion of human rights and the advancement of democracy and social justice.

• We stand with victims and activists to bring violators of women’s right to justice, to prevent gender discrimination.


Envision a just society that promotes gender equality, socio-economic justice of women, good health care service and sustainable development.


To contribute to the attainment of gender justice, economic & socio-political inclusion of women, advocacy for quality health /environmental justice through capacity building and advocacy for Sustainable Development.


To mobilize people and resources to promote women’s human right, socio –economic and political justice, quality health care services and other social services.


While the intent of Greenleaf Advocacy and Empowerment Centre is to serve humanity, the organization’s actions may have implications beyond the scope. In an effort to be thoughtful, careful and visionary about decision-making within the organization. We believe in Transparency, Accountability, Promoting community ownership, Human rights, Sensitive to community values.

SERVICE: Greenleaf   Advocacy strives to be of benefit to the public and stakeholders, particularly women/children and the vulnerable.

DIVERSITY: Greenleaf Advocacy capitalizes on the richness inherent in differences. This is core in our daily business and decision-making processes.

COMMUNITY: Through partnership and collaboration, Greenleaf   Advocacy complements existing resources in communities rather than duplicate them.

INTEGRITY: Greenleaf Advocacy carries out all works with greatest responsibility and accountability.

RESPECT: Green Leaf Advocacy treats people with reverence and dignity.

EMPOWERMENT: Greenleaf Advocacy does more than a quick fix for women exclusion and economic deprivation. The organization strives to fix emergency identified issues sustainably and empower stakeholders to live a better life.


  • Advocacy / Sensitization
  • Behavioural Change Communication (BCC)
  • Home/Community Based Care
  • Youth Friendly Resource Group
  • Training Peer Educators
  • Networking and partnerships
  • Storey telling
  • Counselling /mentoring


  • Women.
  • Children / Youth.
  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
  • Community Health Workers / TBA / VHW
  • Traditional / Religious /Community Development Associations CDC, CBOs.
  • Policy Makers / Local State/National level.


  • Government of Rivers State of Nigeria (Ministry of Budget & Economic Planning State Employment and Expenditure for Expenditure For Results (SEEFOR) Projects
  • Ministry of Women Affairs
  • Child Rights Protection Network (CPN)
  • Rivers State Civil Society Network
  • Niger Delta Citizen Budget Platform
  • Oil Watch Nigeria
  • Fish Net Alliance
  • Women Initiative on Climate change
  • Gender and Accountability Cohort –(GAP-C)
  • Women in Nature Network
  • Women, Security and Peace Network
  • Nigeria Coal Network
  • Africa Coal Network
  • Green Climate Fund Gender Monitor Nigeria