SERVICE: Greenleaf   Advocacy strives to be of benefit to the public and stakeholders, particularly women/children and the vulnerable.

DIVERSITY: Greenleaf Advocacy capitalizes on the richness inherent in differences. This is core in our daily business and decision-making processes.

COMMUNITY: Through partnership and collaboration, Greenleaf   Advocacy complements existing resources in communities rather than duplicate them.

INTEGRITY: Greenleaf Advocacy carries out all works with greatest responsibility and accountability

RESPECT: Green Leaf Advocacy treats people with reverence and dignity

EMPOWERMENT: Greenleaf Advocacy does more than a quick fix for women exclusion and economic deprivation. The organization strives to fix emergency identified issues sustainably and empower stakeholders to live a better life.


  • Advocacy / Sensitisation
  • Behavioural Change Communication (BCC)
  • Home/Community Based Care
  • Youth Friendly Resource Group
  • Training Peer Educators
  • Net working and partnerships
  • Storey telling
  • Counselling /mentoring


  • Women.
  • Children / Youth.
  • Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
  • Community Health Workers / TBA  / VHW
  • Traditional / Religious /Community

         Development Associations CDC, CBOs.

  • Policy Makers / Local State/National level.



  • Government of Rivers State of Nigeria (Ministry of Budget &Economic Planning State Employment And Expenditure For Expenditure  For Results (SEEFOR) Projects
  • Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Center
  • Child Rights Protection Network (CPN)
  • Rivers State Civil Society Network
  • Niger Delta Citizen Budget Platform
  • Oil Watch Africa
  • Fish Net Alliance
  • Women Initiative on Climate change
  • Gender and Accountability Cohort –(GAP-C)
  • Rainbow Watch
  • Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF)